Wisdom of the Elders Votive


Fragrance: Tobacco, Bay Rum, and more. 


Everyone who is old and wise was once young and stupid. But the sooner you learn to listen to your elders, the sooner you will stop being stupid. And how quickly you do that depends on you. When we're young, we think we know it all. By the time you get old, you've just begun to get a grasp on things and realize how much you still don't know. If we stop learning, we stop growing. We'll never know all there is to know. At any given time, we know just enough to get us by. 

Age has nothing to do with wisdom, though. I've seen someone in their mid thirties who runs from wisdom and hasn't let it catch up to them yet. Some think that old people know less than they do. "Old folks just don't understand." I don't think common sense is as common as it used to be. 

You would think that by the time we are adults, we would be smart, responsible, and use good judgement in all things. We're supposed to have all, if not most of the answers by then, right?

We'll never have all of the answers, at least while we're here on earth. We're all just figuring it out as we go along, for the most part. But no one has ever been eluded by wisdom if they seek it. They just may have to look a little longer or search a few places where it is not, before they find it. 

But when our elders are giving us the right answers that they have already found, tried and true wisdom, and insight that only comes with experience, listen. They've already been down that road and are handing you a map. 

Wisdom is not mystical and elusive to acquire, it's not something that is beyond the grasp of the average person. It's not obscure or difficult to obtain. It's usually the obvious thing right in front of us that we pretend not to see. It's the still, small voice we pretend not to hear. It's the huge signs we try so hard to ignore because we would rather stay lost and play dumb.


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