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Fragrance: Jasmine and more.


There is no shortage of backroads in Osage County. A person like me with no sense of direction could probably get lost. Thank goodness for GPS. A lot of guys make a living driving hundreds of miles a day working on or checking the oil wells. 

I call this graphic Solitude. It's up to the beholder to decide if that truck runs and if the oil well still is working or not. It's entirely possible the truck runs just fine, and the oil is still pumping. 

Out here, you may be the only one for miles around. Just you and the sound of the wind and the squeak of the oil wells working 24/7. 

At my house at night, if I'm outside walking the dog, when nothing else is making a sound except for the occasional coyote or hoot of an owl, I can hear one of the oil pumps about half a mile away. It's almost like you're the only one in the world awake and you're getting a glimpse of the secret world of the creatures of the night including a sentient oil pump that works no matter the time or weather. 

Solitude does not have to mean lonely. Because out here, you never really feel alone. And in truth, you're not, for God is everywhere. 

But it is somewhat a luxury. How many people get to have such solitude? I lived in China for a year, and the sheer number of people there was astounding. It was shoulder-to-shoulder, night or day. Personal space was not a thing. When I came home, it was like I was seeing everything with new eyes and hearing everything with new ears. The silence was deafening at times, the darkness was darker, and the crickets were extremely loud. And the solitude was extremely welcome, along with the lack of constant voices chattering.

So many other things are competing for our time and attention and sometimes even drain our time. Sometimes you have to stop everything and make time wait for you. Out here, things move slower, and all of that noise in my head ceases to exist. Give yourself permission to steal some time away for yourself. To just be. To breathe, to think, to pray. And to listen. 

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