Shower Steamers

Pamper yourself with our soothing shower steamers. Each steamer package contains 6 individual disks. Place them anywhere in your shower that isn't directly under the flow of water for the best results.
Ingredients: Essential Oil, Witch Hazel, Mica colorant, Citric Acid, Baking Soda

Eucalyptus: A favorite for aromatherapy. Strong and pure Eucalyptus.
Bergamot Lime: Bergamot citrus with lime. Nice blend of some of our best house fragrances
Lavender: We've tried dozens of lavender fragrances and we think this one is the best!
Lavender Bergamot: A gentle mix of sweet, lemony notes with a warm balsamic undertone.
Lavender Mint: Lavender flowers with peppermint. Great for relaxation.
Lavender Vanilla: A harmonious blend of fresh lavender and gentle notes of vanilla.
Spearmint Rosemary: Sweet spearmint leaves with the natural rosemary oil. Fantastic mix.
Relaxation: A calming and relaxing blend of fresh lavender softened beautifully with a gentle white musk and a gentle kiss of soft powder notes as a background.
Peppermint: Frosty cool peppermint. Nice and crisp.
Stress Relief: A calming blend of lavender, eucalyptus.
Sinus Relief:  A crisp and cool blend of eucalyptus, camphor and mint.

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