Resilience Votive


Fragrance: Leather, Tobacco, and more. 


Resilience and endurance are two words that come to mind when we think of Bison. They were once hunted to the point of near extinction, and yet they endure. They are now protected, but were once over-hunted for their sustainability. The demand exceeded the supply. Plainsmen as well as Indians once relied on the bison for food, clothing, and shelter. Tools and weapons could also be made from the bison, and nothing went to waste. Bison were honored, respected and considered sacred by Natives.

Bison abide and persevere today. One of the most incredible characteristics of the bison is their nature to face a storm head-on. Unlike cows, a bison will face a storm (whether it be a thunderstorm or a snowstorm) and run directly into the oncoming weather. Cattle will face away from the rain and the snow. 

Our human nature is generally to follow the example of the cow. But if we could be more like the bison, we would learn an important lesson from them. The sooner we face our problems and troubles head-on, the sooner we will be through them. If you're going through a storm, keep on going, face it head-on. The quickest way out is through.


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