Raised Dog Feeder Dishes


Raised Feeder with dog dishes, box feeder  Size 16.75long x8.75 wide x3.75 tall perfect for a small size dog that likes to try and move or run off with the food bowls. Helps to prevent spilling. Made from reclaimed wood.

Wood box feeder, includes 2 stainless bowls that each 24.45 fluid oz.  

We are a Made in Oklahoma company, not a garage hobbyist. Our work is strong and professional designed. The box is finished with a unique artistic process called Shou sugi ban. It is an ancient Japanese technique for waterproofing and preserving wood.  While shou sugi ban originated for the purpose of weatherproofing wood, it has recently become popular as a rustic, textural design element inside the home. We use stencils in order to add an image design into the burned wood. It makes each feeder not only functional but also a work of art. It is sealed with pet safe water based sealer.



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