Praying for Rain Votive


Fragrance: Blue Musk, Ho Wood, and more.


City folk could never understand why country folk would pray for rain. 

Rain is life. Without it, crops die and farmers lose income from the harvest that never came to fruition. Prices go up at the grocery store for scarcity of crops. Water bills go up because reservoirs go dangerously low if not dry, and everyone is subject to water rationing. Cattle ponds go dry, and precious water has to be hauled in unless you have a well. Livestock has to have water, otherwise they die. If you have to eat and drink, so do they. If there is not enough water, there is no hay to be cut. If there is a scarcity of hay, prices go up to the point that ranchers cannot afford to feed all of their cattle through the winter and are forced to sell. This also affects the prices you pay at the store for beef.

Rain is life. This is why we pray for rain and dance when it comes. 


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