Ms. Linda's All-Purpose Syrup

Ms. Linda's All-Purpose Syrup came from a popcorn ball recipe that was taught to her from her grandmother (Pinkie Bowie) as a little girll. Continuing to make popcorn balls as an adult, her friends would rave about them and tell her they should be in stores. They were scrumptious buttery and chewy. Not just wanting the syrup to be in that one category she had the manufacturing company cook it less as long so it would have many uses other than popcorn balls.

Ms. Linda's All-Purpose Syrup is a cooking syrup used for Marinating, Baking, Cooking, Barbecuing, and more. Favorite recipes include: Popcorn Balls, Brittles, Pecan Pies, Pound Cakes, Peanut Cashews, Candied Yams, Baked Beans, Latte's, Meats (Marinated and Binders for Smoking), Hams, and so much more!

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