Lavender + Starry Citrus Beeswax Candle

Notes of Lavender, Jasmine, Lily, Cedarwood and hints of lemon
3oz -  2.17" w x 2.46" h (with lid)
8oz -  3.55" w x 3.94" h (with lid)
Reusable minimalist vessel with a wooden lid. 
Designed for reuse or recycle back to the shop for 10% off next purchase.
Sustainability Factors:
  • cruelty free, dye-free, non-toxic materials
  • wooden wick for a clean, slow burn during every light
  • hand poured in small batches
  • 100% premium natural beeswax (paraffin-free, cruelty free)
  • reusable minimalist vessel with wooden lid that can be reused or recycled

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