Handmade Soy with Beeswax Candle in Vintage Polish Tea Cup and Saucer


This is a handmade soy with beeswax candle poured in a vintage Polish china tea cup and saucer. The pattern is a white background with dark pink roses and green leaves. The candle scent is rose and vanilla fragrance oil and lemon essential oil. The tea cup and saucer is a regular to large size and the candle will burn approximately 35 hours. To get the most efficient burn, please trim the wick to 1/4 inch after burning for an hour. The candle wick is all cotton and the wick tab has no lead in it. Please place some kind of protection under the tea cup and saucer when burning to protect the surface the candle is placed on. The candle cup will get hot while burning. Please keep the candle away from Children, Pets, and anything that is combustible.  This would make a very nice gift for anyone and for any occasion. Also, the soy wax has no additives. Depending on the flower pollen in the beeswax, there may be some noticeable in the candle. The candle will be very securely packed and box shipped USPS first class with the shipping included in the price.

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