Handcrafted Wax Melts | Bakery inspired | Blueberry Cobbler


This bakery dessert inspired wax melt tarts will help fill your home with delicious aromas. The scents are not an overpowering fake smell. People will ask you what you are baking.

Blueberry Cobbler 🫐 is shimmering blue wax. The scent is very Blueberry with warm sugar. 

Perfect for the up coming fall season

The wax is long lasting because it has a slower melt rate which helps give the scent of the melt a slower constant release and a longer life. I recommend starting with one cube of wax per warmer. One is usually enough because I do hand pour a little heavier to give you a bigger cube. I don't want you to over fill your tray and cause you a mess. If your tray is larger or have a larger area you want to cover then you can add a second cube.

To use the wax melts gently tap the clamshell package on your table. That will release the wax from the package and score the wax for use. Once you place the cube in your warmer try to place it in the center of the warmer plate. The scent lasts several hours and produces a large pretty shimmering wax puddle.

Each batch is made in small quantities so that I can ensure that nothing is lost on the quality. The wax melts are hand poured by me. Because the melts are made in small batches slight variations in the pattern of glitter and color can vary but I do try my best to keep as close as possible to the original. Each wax melt tart package contains 2.4 ounces of wax.

Drop in a cube and enjoy.

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