Echoes of Yesteryear Votive


Fragrance: Lilac, Geranium, and more


We used to drive around a lot on the backroads just to see what we could see. Bison, deer, old silos with a bonsai tree growing on top, and old abandoned houses that still seem to have something to say. 

Like someone who is often left alone or forgotten, the house seems to be talking to themselves in mid-sentence, waiting for a passerby to hear their tale. 

The house in this illustration appears to have been long abandoned and forgotten, with only a tree for company. What kind of people lived here before, and what happened to them? Did they all move away, or did time take its toll on the inhabitants as well until they were all gone? 

A house takes on the characteristics of its inhabitants. And without someone to love a house that was once a home, I can't help but feel the house is in a perpetual state of grieving the good times that once were. 

Maybe this house is being held up only by the tree, which is relatively young compared to the house. Maybe the family planted this tree when the times were good. And now the tree will remain long after the house has taken its last breath and fallen to the ground. But until then, it keeps the house company, and they talk about the good old days in an endless cycle. They talk of children playing, dogs running, pickup trucks kicking up dust, screen doors slamming, voices singing, and the smell of blackberry cobbler. And love.


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