Cosmic Berry Coconut Wax Candle


Cosmic Berry | Coconut wax candle

Discover the secret of the Cosmic Berry candle, a white candle that transforms into a rainbow of colors. As the coconut wax melts, it reveals different color stars that twinkle and glow. Watch as the stars come back every time you light the candle - they are always there, ready to dazzle you. The stars are yellow, blue, pink and purple that twinkle and glow. If you apply the candle to the light or UV light you will see the white candle glows blue. 

The Cosmic Berry candle is not only a visual delight, but also a sensory treat. It has a scrumptious scent that will make your room smell amazing. It blends the aromas of beauty berry, apple peel, blackberry jam, and lemon zest, for a zesty and fruity fragrance. It also has notes of shaved coconut, sweet raspberry, and white jasmine, for a smooth and floral aroma. Finally, it has hints of sugared musk and white amber, for a snug and warm ambiance. This candle is perfect for unwinding, fantasizing, or just having fun.

The Cosmic Berry candle is packaged in an 8 ounce quilted ball jar that is cute and convenient. You can use the jar again for keeping your small items, or as a charming decoration for your home. The jar has a lid that keeps the scent lasting and the candle neat. The candle lasts for about 40 hours, so you can savor its magic for a long time.

The Cosmic Berry candle is a splendid gift for yourself or someone you adore. It’s a fun and whimsical way to cheer up any day. Get yours today and experience the wonders of the Cosmic Berry candle!

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