Chamomile Handcrafted Floral | Bath Salts | Infused With Lavender Oil


Relax and unwind at the end of a busy stressful day with a hot bath using Lavender infused bath salt with chamomile. The flowers are food grade. The bath salts are not just relaxing but they are also beautiful and can be decor in your bathroom or just open the jar for its relaxing scent. The jars are airtight glass so they keep your salt fresh and dry.

Jar is a generous 22 ounces

While you can use these salts in a traditional bath they can also be used in a foot bath or in a shower as an exfoliate. Some of the potential benefits of Epsom salt soaks include:

Epsom Salt: Believed to promote pain relief, muscle relaxation, remove toxins, exfoliate skin, calm, reduce anxiety, mood lifter, calm inflamed skin, promote sleep and rest

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: detoxify by balancing PH, improve sleep, balance hormones, soothe skin,

Lavender Oil: mood improvement, combat stress, give feeling of tranquility, relieve muscle tension

Flowers: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin health, relieve headaches, stress, muscle aches and pains, calming and up lift spirits

*not intended to diagnose or cure any illness or disease

Personally I use these myself which led me to creating these jars because I couldn't find what I was needing in traditional Epsom salt on the shelf at the store. I was still sore so I started making my own and since I love it I started making them so others can enjoy a great soak.

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