Aromatic Cedar Engraved Cutting, Serving, Cheese, or Charcuterie board Elk Image

Aromatic Cedar engraved Cutting, Serving, Cheese, or Charcuterie board. Each board is unique in grain pattern and shape of the live edge, so that the natural character is preserved. Therefore, may very slightly from photo as each board has unique grain and character. Each board is lightly oiled with food grade mineral oil.
This board is laser engraved with Elk pic, unique and beautiful. It is a stunning piece for any rustic or farmhouse kitchen. Makes a wonder gift for Christmas, birthday anniversary or wedding!
7 inches wide, 16 inches long and 1 inch thick.

décor displayed on a kitchen counter
Board is easy to care for, hand-wash only. The heat and chemicals of a dishwasher are harmful to the wood.

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