Jumpin' Jack's Magic Powder Spice Blends


Crowd pleasing unique spice blends with a twist of flavor.  Bring the Magic home with these four delicious spice blends:

  • Black Magic Powder - Whether you're a crockpot queen or grilling king, two kinds of pepper make Black Magic Powder a classic steak house spice blend that will enhance both meat and veggies.
  • Cowboy Magic Powder - Boot scoot to the grill for the bold flavors of chili powder and coffee in our Cowboy Magic Powder.  With big bold flavor is is an obvious choice to wake-up your meat.
  • Dragon Magic Powder - Jack has harnessed the beast and the Dragon Magic Powder is on fire! Red and green jalapenos with smoky cumin make this a perfect spice blend to bring the heat to your next dish.
  • Jamaican Magic Powder - Your chicken, fish and pork dishes will sing with this Magic blend of exotic flavors.  Take a island break while enjoying this taste of the Caribbean.


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